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OPzS 1500 enersys


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2 Volt 2300Ah 4000 cycles

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Battery Enersys TZS-12 OPzS 1500

The EnerSys®range of PowerSafe®OPzS batteries has been designed for use in all standby power applications that demand the highest levels of reliability and security.PowerSafe OPzS cells benefit from an optimised plate design that results in increased capacity compared to the requirements of the internationally recognised DIN standard.

The battery  TZS-12 is a long life battery thanks to his tecnology of extra thick tubular plates

  • 15-20 years lifetime
  • 4000 cycles  30% de discharge
  • 2 volt 
  • 1710Ah en C10
  • 2300Ah en C100
  • 117.60kg
  • warranty 3 years


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tubular plate technology

In addition, the tubular plate technology offersexcellent cycling performance together with a proven long life under floatvoltage conditions, for a truly flexible solution.The specification of the PowerSafe OPzS cells make it ideal for a wide rangeof applications such as telecommunications, telephony, power generationand distribution, railway, airport and seaport signalling, computing,emergency lighting, automation and measuring systems

  • Capacity range: 216Ah - 3360Ah
  • (C10/1.80Vpc/20°C)C10 capacities exceed the DIN standard values
  • Excellent cyclability 18 year design life (20°C)
  • High operational reliability
  • Low maintenance 3 year topping-up interval
  • DIN 40736-1 compliant


Certificaciones: DIN norm.   Warranty: 2 years +1 year.


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Included, 1 thermómeter, 1 filling recipient, 1 hydrometer


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