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Flexmax MPPT 12-60Volt 60A


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Flexmax 80 MPPT Solar Charge controller 12-60Volt 60Amp 5000Watt

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 - Increases energy production by up to 30%

- Advanced MPPT Charge Controller ( Maximum Power Point Tracking )

 - Maintains maximum current output at ambient temperatures of 40 º C

 - Remote programming in Spanish

 - Battery voltage from 12V to 60V

 - Fully Integrated and OutBack Programmable Network

 - Data logging 128 days

The family FLEXmax is the latest innovation in MPPT charge controllers that OutBack Power Systems has introduced to the market . The innovative program and algorithm is both continuous and active, which increases energy production by up to 30% . Thanks to its smart cooling system , both the driver FLEXmax FLEXmax 80 and 60 Amp outputs maintain their ambient temperatures of 40 ° C.

When a charge controller requires high performance, efficiency and versatility for your solar PV system , new FLEXmax modules are the best choice .

FLEXmax 80 FLEXmax 60
Nominal battery voltages:  Nominal battery voltages of 12, 24 , 36, 48 or 60 VDC  Nominal battery voltages of 12, 24 , 36, 48 or 60 VDC
Maximum output current 80 amps @ 40 ° C with adjustable current limit 

60 amps @ 40 ° C with adjustable current limit

Maximum PV array

Systems 12VDC 1250W / 2500W 24VDC systems / systems 48VDC 5000W / 7500W 60VDC systems

Systems 12VDC 900W / 1800W 24VDC systems / systems 48VDC 3600W / 4500W 60VDC systems

Open circuit voltage

150VDC maximum value at low temperature,

145VCC for starting and maximum operating conditions

Standby Consumption   Less than 1W

Power Conversion efficiency

97.5 % @ 80 Amps at 48 VDC System - Typical

98.1 % @ 60 Amps at 48 VDC System - Typical

Load Regulation   Five states : maximum bulk load  , absorption, float , silent and equalization

Setpoints for voltage regulation

From 10 to 60 VDC user adjustable with password protection

Voltage equalizing   Programmable Voltage and Timing . Auto Completion .

Battery Temperature compensation

Automatic with remote tempreture sensor/ 5.0 mV por ºC for battery cell of 2 VDC
Reduced voltage capacity Allows charging of a lower voltage battery with a high PV voltage array - Max . 150 VDC
Auxiliary Control Output 

12VDC Programmable output available for different applications ( max. 0.2 A DC )

Information Display 

8cm ( 3.1 " ) backlit LCD display with 4 lines and 80 characters

Display and remote controller

Optional - MATE2 with MATE or RS232 serial port communications

Outback Data network connection

OutBack network data using RJ45 CAT 5e Cable ( 8 wires )

Data Logging  

Last 128 days - Ah , Wh , W peak , Amps , Voltage VF, floating time , max and min voltage battery , absorption for each day plus accumulated values of Ah and kWh

Wind power / hydraulic systems  Consult manufacturer for compatible systems
Positive grounding systems  Accurate bipolar interruptors for disconnecting positive and negative conductores in PV array and battery ( Not recommended for use in HUB4 or HUB10 systems with positive earth grounding.
Tmprature Range -40ºC to +60ºC (Power outpu derates above 40ºC)
Environmental Category  For interior installations  
Connection holes  One 35mm (1") Below; one 35mm (1") left; two  35mm (1") below
Gaurentee 5 - 10 years 
Equipment weight 5.56 Kg 5.3 Kg
Dimensions  41.3x14x10 cm 40x14x10
Opcions  Remote Tmpreture Sensor (RTS), HUB4, HUB10, MATE y MATE2 Remote Tmpreture Sensor  (RTS), HUB4, HUB10, MATE y MATE2
Menu Language Spanish and English