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Network MPPT solar charge controller 12-48Volt 30Amp 1600Watt

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Network MPPT solar charge controller eTRACER

The eTRACER is a product of high efficiency and reliability, the controller is a high-end product based on multiphase synchronous rectification technology.



  • 12V/24V/36V/48V auto work
  • Max PV input 150 Volt
  • 1600 Watt 30Amax
  • RS232, Ethernet, CAN port
  • The Ethernet port supports HTTP, TCP/IP protocols to provide a fully web-enabled interface between the eTracer and a LAN network
  • Excellent EMC design, thermal design and nature air cooling
  • The first tracking to the maximum power point of solar modules in 15 seconds or less, tracking efficiency of 99% or  higher
  • Multiphase synchronous rectification technology impels peak conversion efficiency to 98%
  • Multiphase power decentralized control can also make small power charging be high effective, improve the capacity    of generating
  • High speed and performance of the double processors architecture, improve the response speed and optimize the performance of the system ·Multiphase control technology, optimizes charging current smoothness, reduces ripple, and improves the system generating efficiency
  • Humanized browser interface, 128*64 dot-matrix LCD intuitively displays data and state, many button combinations for easy operation, both Chinese and English interface to choose from ·RS232, CAN BUS and Ethernet 3 kinds of communication way to meet different occasions of demand as far as possible 
  • Sealed, Gel and Flooded battery option 
  • Three stages of optimizing charging control ·Protection: over heat, over charging, PV short circuit and PV (battery) revered



Connect the eTracer controller to the network using an Ethernet cable.
Open a web browser on any PC on the network.
Enter the IP address of the controller („‟ by default) in the address bar of the web browser.
The eTracer user login webpage will load. Links are provided to Real Time Data, Ctr Para Set, Net Para Set, Log Query, Password, and Help Document pages.
Pages served by the eTracer are ideal for retrieving quick information about the charge controller and making adjustments to network settings.