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Solar Hybrid Inverter Solarrouter 3KW


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Inteligent Solar Hybrid inverter Solarrouter 3KW

Power manager + Battery manager

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  Solarrouter inteligent hybrid solar inverter


Inteligent energy

The Revosolar Solarrouter is more than an inverter, it is an intelligent energy managing system. Battery powered with solar panels and / or windmill,  excess energy can be injected in the network, all parameters are programmable to suit the client and to achieve maximum savings of energy. (Injecting to grid is programable to turn on or off)

what kind of hybrid inverter I need?

The hybrid inverter Revex is identical to the Solarrouter, the only difference is that the Revex can not inject the excess energy into the grid

automatic saving

The Revosolar Solarrouter includes among other things an high efficient MPPT solar charge controller, battery manager, off grid and on grid inverter, etc.

The Solarrouter is a intelligent hybrid inverter that achieve to lower your consumption and  lower your electricity bill by generating money and recovering costs. Household consumption is produced by the sun or energy in batteries, if household consumption is higher than that produced solar energy and battery power together, only than the missing energy used by the Revex is from the public grid. If energy from the sun is more than the consumption of household and batteries are full, the Solarrouter will inject energy into the public grid.

Switcing between different sources is fully automatically and without interruptions, the difference with other types of inverters is that the Solarrouter does not change abrupt from one energy source to another, the Solarrouter can mix the 3 types of energy (solar, battery, network) together and make the most appropriate combination at the right moment. The Solarrouter is fully programmable and adapts to all new regulations.

The Solarrouter inverter cumply to REAL DECRETO 1663/2000, de 29 de septiembre, sobre conexión de instalaciones fotovoltaicas a la red de baja tensión

The Revex always prefers the sun's energy or batteries and use a last resource the power from the grid, so you will be independent of the electricity company.


no more power cuts!

The speed of change between the network, solar panels or batteries is completely fluid not seen before, you always have a fluid power suply without interruptions..


Large LCD with Power Management-Integrated

The LCD screen has a resolution of 255 x 160 pixels with backlight easier to read. The energy generation data, alerts, and other information is displayed to the user in a user frindly clear and simple way.

solarrouter LCD

The all in one machine

The Solarrouter is an all-in-one 3000 watt unit that needs no more, if you need more power you install a second or third Solarrouter inverter and boosts power to required level.

Easy to install

No other system is as easy to install as the Solarrouter. This is not only good for the person doing the installation: You will also save time, space and money. One of the salient features of the Solarrouter is its internet connectivity, which is fully integrated into the system without any additional cost.

Remote control & configuration of the Solarrouter hybrid solar inverter

Remote and configuration software Included (Solarpower) and inverter-computer USB cable. SolarPower includes application monitoring and inverter setup application. Allows control and monitoring of multiple devices via LAN, Internet or USB. Warning or alarm notifications via audible alarm, screen pop-up, transmission, SMS, message tray and email.

download the latest version from the website:

Screenshot solarpower software



(Software de control included)

The PV-LOG data logger installed inside the inverter simplifies readings without requiring external reading, the data is stored for 15 years. Possibility of introducing energy prices and view generation in KW or Euros


Comply regulations:

RD1663, CE, VDE 0126-1-1, IEC62109, ENEL Guide 2009, RD 1663, G83/1-1, AS3100/AS4777

Warranty 5 years

Own tecnical service