Revotherm 15Kw


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the revolutionary revotherm solarpump

For chalets de 150-200m2

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Revotherm heatpump heating & hot water completely for free!

 revotherm en 7kw

what is a solarpump?

A solarpump is a Heatpump with Solar PV energy as primary energy source. Heatpumps are incredible energy saving machines, consuming upto 5 times less energy then any other heating source (Gasoil, Gas or Electrical). When connected with our Solar PV panels, the result is zero energy costs forever!

Heatpumps are set to substitute all combustion heaters in the near future. Since there is no combustion at all, you don’t need chimnees or ventilation shafts, offering
complete security and reliability for many years. Heatpump technology is wel-tested, reliable and classified by the EU as a renewable energy source.

Our Solarpump substitutes your old heating system completely. The substantial energy savings will pay back your investment in just a few years and offer completely free
heating for the rest of your life. Since our solarpump is reversible, your Revotherm can produce both heat in the winter and cold in the summer (airco).




In terms of efficiency – as well as security and reliability – the heatpump is a true miracle machine; while all combustion heaters (Gas, Gasoil) and classical Electrical Heaters are

reaching their maximum efficiency at 80-100%, the heatpump produces an efficiency up to 400%. This means that you only need one fourth of you energy needs for the same amount of heat production. This huge energy
saving is easy to understand since the only energy consumption of a heatpump is a
compressor motor. No wonder why the main waterheater manufacturers are all shifting from classical Electrical, Oil and Gas heaters to Heatpump heaters.
An additional advantage of heatpumps is that they can be inverted in the summertime; producing cold air in stead of heat, with the same energy savings; zero when connected to our solar panel KIT


revotherm how does it work


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powerful savings, multiple benefits

1. economical

Up to 5 times cheaper then your actual heating system,
or zero-cost when connected with our PV Solar system: complete
independency from future energy prices! The savings pay for the
investment in just a few years.

2. ecological

One fifth of CO2 emissions, or zero when connected with
PV Solar. Our inverter technology and built-in weather compensation
control, produces even greater energy savings then most other
heatpump systems.

3. comfortable

A heatpump is very easy to operate; just adjust your
indoor temperature with the touch of a button. When heating is
for free, you don’t have to worry about it anymore; just leave your
thermostat at 21ªC throughout the whole year and forget about

4. worry-free operation

Forget about fuel, risks or maintainance;
revotherm works without oil or gas, reducing potential risks of gas
connections, fueltanks, intoxications or leaks. Revotherm requires
virtually no maintainance. it’s like your fridge, it just keeps going for
years and years.

5. minimal instalation

Revotherm takes heat from the air. No digging
or excavation works are required. Both outdoor and indoor units are
compact and can be easily placed in any house. Without combustion,
flames or fumes, there is no need for chimneys or ventilation tubes

6. flexible configuration

Revotherm can be placed in new and
existing housings and connects to standard radiators, floor heating
and fancoil units. Whatever heating system you may have, there is
no need to change anything.

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